Winter Pictures, Warm Heart

What? Winter pictures? It almost seems unfair to share them, because (full disclosure) I’m in Florida right this minute, watching palm trees sway, listening to the surf. #SorryNotSorry

But let’s be honest. This time of year, we’re all feeling at least a little bit of winter love. Blame it on a radio humming with the likes of Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, & co. singing velvety songs about snow. Blame it on the big, white flakes featured in basically every great Christmas movie ever. Blame it on Norman Rockwell.

Whatever the reason, even those of us who can’t stand being cold are feeling some wintertime love at the moment. So in celebration of the chilly and beautiful season we’re in, I’ve collected a few of my favorite winter pictures from snowy days in Northern Michigan over the past couple of years.

Enjoy the pics, and stay warm!

Winter Pictures from the Backyard

This picture reminds me how wonderful winter is for the garden. Amazing that the plants could actually be happy sleeping out here under the snow. But man, are they ever. This winter was good and cold, and the vegetable garden exploded the following summer.

Talk about a blanket of snow! I get cold just remembering how hard the wind had to blow to drive the snow into the mesh of the deer fencing like this. But the next day, it just added to the pristine beauty. This picture will always remind me of those icy cold winter days.

I wonder if anything is as beautiful as Northern Michigan in the winter. Snow-framed streams are the definition of picturesque. Virgin timber abounds. Even the chicken coop looks somehow cozy. This winter did wonders for weathering it from this newer state to its now lovely and wind-whipped gray.

Nothing could be less inviting than a Northern Michigan lake in the middle of a freezing winter. But early in the cold season, before the water has frozen over, the aesthetic is simply gorgeous. Smooth snow, clear air, and open water. Breathtaking.

Talk about a true picture of winter in Northern Michigan. A snow covered outdoor table and chairs is totally uninviting and totally beautiful. Amazing what a dusting of white can do. Okay, more than a dusting. A dumping.

What’s the best thing to do on a winter day? I vote for curling up by the fire. But I must admit, I also love some good, hard work out in the brisk air. Although I can’t decide if the best part is the invigorating time outdoors or that moment you return to your cozy hearth for a fireside evening. Either way, I’m all in with my boys on this one.

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