Detroit Love. Detroit Style. On Wheels.

Long before Eminem and Chrysler collected standing ovations from every Detroiter for pointing a superbowl-sized spotlight on this town’s pride in what we do, those of us who love Detroit have been honored to call our home the Motor City – and proud of what that name, with its rich, complex, and essential history, represents for us and the world.

So around here, going to the auto show isn’t just a fun activity or a say-you-did-it outing. It’s an act of pledging allegiance to our home town. Of showing our support for the industry that molds and supports and defines so many of our families – so much of our lives. Of saying we love Detroit, loud and proud.

This year, I was particularly blown away not only by the incredible technology on display, but especially by the impeccable style and exceptional design that seems to be driving (see what I did there?) these new concepts.

My personal favorite: the Lincoln Navigator concept. Totally James Bond worthy. Where do I sign?

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