A Designer’s Eye on Townhouse Detroit

Townhouse Detroit is a treasure. Since it’s been a favorite restaurant of mine for years, I’m always happy to see it featured and applauded in various publications. But I’m also perplexed as to why I’ve never mentioned it right here.

So let’s remedy that.

So many thoughtful touches. Such a cool-meets-classy vibe – and cool-meets-classy people to go with it. With their delicious French press coffee thrown into that mix, it’s a wonder I ever leave.

Take a look around with me:

Tell me you don’t want to step inside. Or stay OUTside and enjoy the views.

More on this wall in a minute. First, as we learned in kindergarten, let’s begin with the pledge.

Looks great, reads even better.

Just in case it’s not easy for you to read this within the image, I’m going to quote it out for you, because it’s that good. If you’re a Detroiter, get ready for goosebumps.

“We pledge
allegiance to
the humble heartbeat of America.
In darkness and in daylight,
it drives
the spirit and the dream.
Tram poets to steelmen, dreamers
& thinkers, rock & roll to Motown,
This is America at its finest.
If you don’t love this city,
we can’t help you here.
This is
Welcome to Townhouse.”

– Townhouse Detroit

Mic drop.

Tell me you don’t want to grab 9 of your closest friends and belly up to this live edge table. It’s a work of art.

Okay, do we LOVE their walls? One gives you goosebumps, the next the giggles.

And every one of them full of #DetroitLove.

Returning to this live moss wall for a minute. Are we in Narnia or what?

If you’re not a fan of live moss walls, then I don’t know why you’ve read this far, because it’s doubtful we can agree on much. So assuming you are a fan, can we discuss the juxtaposition of the uber-industrial, exposed-bulb sconces on this sea of natural-green magic?

So much personality. Love love love.

Okay, last wall. Last pic. Have to include it, because if any place has Detroit flavor nailed, it’s Townhouse.

See you there soon.

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