Lavender Farm, Michigan Treasure

Every summer, shortly after I settle into our lake life in Northern Michigan, one of my first stops is Lavender Hill Farm.

Regardless of where you go to find this fragrant flower, gathering your own cache of lavender is just the first fun step of many. Next up: the million things you can do with this botanical treasure, some of which I’ll explore in future posts.

But first, I must stop and share some love for this Inspiration Junkie’s lavender outpost of choice.

Tucked on a backroad near the towns of Charlevoix, Petoskey, and Boyne City, Michigan, Lavender Hill Farm calls to passers by with its aptly hued barn and rolling fields of gorgeous blooms.

Just wandering around this charming gem is an enchanted experience – starting with the delicate fragrance in the air.

Whether or not I’m stopping to shop and wander, whenever I drive by, I have to roll down my window.

And breathe.

And smile.

Established by Linda Longworth in 2003, the farm moved under the ownership of Bill and Erin Mansfield and Rita Robbins in 2015.

And they’re doing wonderful things.

I never leave the farm with out something new in tow – lavender syrup for cocktails, a great new recipe shared by the owner, fresh-as-can-be bunches of fragrant blooms that I’ve just cut myself, lavender honey produced by the on-site bees…

Lucky bees.

It is admittedly hard to leave this inviting place, where Adirondack chairs (lavender, of course) invite visitors to enjoy the environment and relax in its sea of lovely smells.

They say that lavender is naturally calming. Doesn’t that seem like an excellent excuse to slow down and stay awhile?

As you wander, you’ll notice that they’ve marked the fields to help educate visitors on the countless varieties of lavender grown at the farm.

(And it doesn’t hurt that the markers are so cute and right for the place.)

It’s also fun to discover the process, which they handle on site.

Beautifully, as it so happens. Who knew hung lavender was so artful?

I could hang out in the drying barn all day.

Stay tuned for more on the many delicious things we like to do with our lavender.

Until then, if you’re looking for me, Lavender Hill Farm is a pretty good bet.

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