Walking Miami’s Hippest Hoods

I had the most wonderful day in Miami recently. Warm sunshine when the Midwest was still cold cold cold. My 2 daughters. Inspiration abounding everywhere we looked.

We started in the Design District. Swoon.

Gotta-have-it fashion, gorgeous jewelry, and—even more appealing—great architecture in all directions. The entire area has an artsy feel, with sculpture everywhere.

My inspiration itch was so utterly satisfied.

And then we wandered into Wynwood, and I developed a new obsession.

This is where graffiti artists from all over the world come to cover every inch of the neighborhood with some of the most incredible street art you’ll ever see.

When I say every inch, I mean everywhere you turn, on every side of every building, wall, dumpster, you name it. I told my girls that we couldn’t stand still for too long or someone was going to graffiti us.

Totally my cup of tea.

But here’s what’s at least as impressive as the overall wow factor: the art itself.

When taking in truly masterful street art like this, we often fail to appreciate how incredibly difficult it is to create an image that’s so much bigger than life. It’s no small feat to translate the scale just right on a painting like this. Not to mention that these artists don’t exactly have a smooth piece of canvas to work on.

The talent is incredible. And the experience for us lucky viewers? Unforgettable. A museum, a gallery, nothing else can give you a feeling like this – a feeling of being so surrounded by art. Block after beautiful block.

I don’t think there’s any place quite like it.