The Weird and Wonderful World of Market Season

It’s market season. That time of year when I travel the country hunting for new and amazing goodies for the shop – and for my clients.

I’ll tell you, every market is like a high-intensity walkathon. (Except that we generally hydrate with coffee and/or cocktails rather than water.) It’s a bit of insanity, a lot of exhausting, and totally, 100% great.

Today, I’m sharing some of the wonderful (and sometimes weird) items and experiences we encountered at the home market in Atlanta.

And as I head out to Las Vegas in the coming weeks for more home & fashion markets (yes, multiple trips to Vegas in a single month…again), I’ll continue adding pics and stories to the Inspiration Junkie.

So stay tuned – both on the blog and in the store, because many of these goodies are soon to appear for your very own shopping pleasure.

The Chests I Can’t Have ūüôĀ

I love these chests. I mean, I love these chests. In a big way.

Only problem for yours truly? They’re 48 inches wide. Which means they are not properly sized to replace my very own bedside tables. The nerve!

I almost cried.

Anyway, maybe they’ll fit in your bedroom. And I’ll try not to be jealous. But we’ll both know the truth.

Get Yo Butt Sketched

So, we already knew that we loved Poo-Pourri. There’s a reason their product has become so ubiquitous. 2 reasons, actually, as far as I can tell:

  1. The stuff actually works.
  2. The brand is absolutely hilarious.

Talk about embracing what you do. Poo-Pourri never takes itself too seriously. Yet, they always manage to elevate potty humor to a level of elegance we never could have expected. See? Juxtaposition WORKS – in design and beyond.

Enter the butt sketcher.

Yes, you read that right. At the booth for Privy by Poo-Pourri, they invited a talented artist to sketch butts – complete with a “Get Yo Butt Sketched” sign.

The best part? He didn’t just sketch yo butt. He made yo butt look a-mazing.

And now, every single time I see this Privy line, I will smile. And then buy some.

Pretty Ping Pong Tables 

Don’t get caught in the trap of relegating certain items in your home to the “all utility and no design appeal” category.

Anything that inhabits a statement-worthy space in your home is worthy of a statement piece. Whether or not it’s also serving a purpose – like inviting your friends and family in for some good old-fashioned fun times.

Stone top, steel legs and net. Streamlined design. Before you even realize it’s a ping-pong table, you’ve already gravitated to the look of this piece.

It screams¬†friendly¬†and¬†fun¬†and¬†stylish.¬†(And don’t we all want to scream that?)

Show-Stealing Accessory

Okay, this coffee table is great. Lucite shelf, covered in faux leather. Very cool.

But the real show-stealer is that very clean-lined lucite box. It holds and frames your coffee table books in style.

Plus, no more dusting those fussy book page edges. Brilliant.

A Wall of Color

Don’t you rather love this display of boxed throw pillows in myriad shades of velvet?¬†I do.

Because here’s what we love: a lot of choices.

Oh Faux

When you love plants but not watering them, you’ll want these orchids to move into your home. Because they’re fake, but you’d never know it.

Plus, you can’t go wrong. Every combo and style is an excellent choice. So no decision stress. Just say “yes.”

Material Magic

Don’t make fun of my photo. I wanted you to see the very cool barstool.

And the hanging leathers, cryptons, and velvets. Clearly, I hung out here for a while.

A Cottage-y Hang Out

Tell me these hanging upholstered beds aren’t just the right look for a cottage.

These gals source most of their materials from developing countries, and their look is great.

Based the materials, I’d advise you to steer clear if you have tiny messy humans living in your home – or large messy humans, for that matter. But for the right client, this is an exciting new line to know about.

A Great Look

What can I say when a picture speaks for itself this well?

Great looks everywhere. 

Orders incoming.

Raised-Glass Coffee Table

I love the raised glass on this coffee table. Such a unique yet clean-and-simple detail.

They put stones under it, but you could put whatever you want – and change it out for your color mood of the moment.

Weird Meets Wonderful. I Think.

You know when you can’t decide if something is totally weird or totally wonderful? And then you realize that it’s really quite wonderful because¬†it’s so weird (at least in part)?

These are the emotions we experienced while standing at this booth laughing our (beautifully sketched) butts off.

This guy has a leather company, and he’s nothing if not resourceful. He uses what he takes off the leather to create these animal mounts, and they have so much personality.

Check out the unicorn: leather nose, coat of all different animal furs. Like the Princess Catskin of make-believe animals.

He also takes full deer mounts, hollows them out, and wires their antlers with lights.

Humor, fun, and creativity. Gotta love it.

Up Next…

See you back here after the next show!

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