A Walk around the Shop(s)

New items have been coming in lately (as always), so I thought it would be fun to take a stroll around the shops with my camera at the ready. In case you’re still too chilly to venture out for a shopping spree, take a look around:

I am in love with this new line of matches. A great hostess gift for the next time you’re invited over for a casual, cozy dinner party.

These oversized hurricanes are my new favorite. And don’t miss the leopard fur and brass tray. Talk about serving a cocktail in style. This would be great on a study desk, guest room bedside table, or key-catching ledge by the back door. Grrrr.


I recommend you only wear one of these necklaces around people you really want to talk to, because they’re likely to draw comments from across the room.



My latest addiction: Beekman goats milk products.  Love, love, love.

And speaking of milk, maybe I’m just hungry, but the kitchen area and cookbooks are looking especially delectable to me today. I’ll finish up by sharing a handful of pics from this area. Give us a call if you have questions about any of the items you see!

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