The ABC’s of Shopping in New York? Shop here.

Maybe #AutumninNewYork is trending again for reasons that extend indoors. Like ABC Carpet & Home on Broadway & 17th. Eclectic. Inspired. Beautifully collected.

I go to New York a lot, and I try to visit this store as often as possible during those trips, because it’s almost like a gallery—some areas are constantly changing, while others remain beautifully familiar.

Anyone who has visited our Troy studio knows that my taste is pretty eclectic, so this store is just my speed. Describe it in a word? Bohemian retro inspiration, with a touch of artful modernism. (That was more than a word.)

These folks carry tempting treasures from around the globe. Wander one way, and you’ll find uniquely styled kitchen inspiration—a lot of antique and imported and amazing.


Exhibit A: did you ever know a rolling pin could be this big and gorgeous and cool?

Wander another way, and you’ll find a section that’s very modern. Beautiful blown glass. Equally beautiful Kartell pieces in Lucite and plastic.

But this shop is all about contrast. As you go, you’re also sure to stumble upon endless pieces of traditional Ralph Lauren furniture, which has a presence throughout the store.

Overall, it’s a wonderful mix of old and new, artfully collected. Their super power is how they pull it all together.

Everywhere you look, great, inspired pieces abound. Like these chairs that I ogled unabashedly this past summer. Textured, translucent, Lucite works of art. And the way they have them lit, with small pin lights extended from the ceiling, makes them stop-in-your-tracks worthy.

How fun is that? And speaking of fun, can we just take a moment to admire the ping-pong tables? I can’t even.

Also not to be missed: this incredible mirroring. Not only does it reflect the space beautifully, but the mirrors themselves are enchanting.

Notice how the mirroring gradually fades away, so the bottom of the mirror provides a full reflection that weakens toward the top, where clear glass reflects nothing at all. The finished effect is almost haunting in its elegance. You can’t pull your eyes away.

Which is pretty much true of the whole store.

Put it on the list for your next trip to New York. And happy shopping!

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