Run, Salmon, Run

The salmon are running in northern Michigan, which means 3 things:

  1. Delicious eats
  2. Artistic inspiration
  3. Bemused offspring

Not tracking with me on all 3?

Well, #1 is a no brainer. In fact, I’m thinking I might snag some of these ideas from the Southeast Michigan Slow Food Review to doctor up this year’s catch.

#2 has a long history. Artists have been trying to capture fish throughout time. But they make tough subjects, because fish aren’t very keen on holding still or being photographed in their native environment.

Fortunately, at the moment, we have some prints in the store that overcome these challenges beautifully. Any one would make a perfect gift for your favorite fisherman or fisherwoman:

Orvis Brook Trout Print

Large Mouth Bass Print

And #3 looks like my daughter roughing it. Which, incidentally, leads to a bemused mother as well.

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