Drink Up

At Atlanta market this month, I stumbled on 2 great finds for any bar (or basement, or boathouse, or whatever your preferred cocktail-serving locale):

Reproduction Whiskey Sign

It’s no secret that I love all things vintage, but this isn’t vintage at all. It’s just better at pretending than most reproductions out there.

Vintage signs are so popular these days that reproductions have cropped up everywhere you look – some noticeably more attractive/convincing than others. I make it a point to seek out lines that fall into the attractive/convincing category.

This one looks more authentic because the metal is aged and the arrow is slightly curved. Look for little details like that to find the good reproductions among the many.

Wall Wine Racks

Here’s a 3-fer: wall decor + function + deliciousness.

These iron wine racks have a good, heavy feel without looking industrial. And they’re a smart way to store and display wine without giving up much square footage.

I think they’d make a great floor-to-ceiling installation going all the way down the wall of a bar room. The more the better.

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