Can It & Party

In the cold, gray doldrums of Midwestern February, what could be better than opening one of these jars and getting a big, delicious whiff of late-summer tomatoes?

I’ve always found canning to be rather therapeutic: a big, quiet project, great for Sunday afternoons when I’m feeling cozy and domestic and contemplative.

But sometimes, it’s fun to mix it up a bit. So a few of my girlfriends and I are making a habit of getting together for regular can-o-thons.

This September, we canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, and pesto. (Well, as it turned out, not so much pesto as garlic with a hint of basil. Oops. They’ll be no vampires in the house this winter.)

What a fun and productive way to share some time with friends – and ensure that you don’t put this very worthwhile task off for yet another week. We had a ball, and we all went home with jars of delicious memories.

In the coming months, we’re planning to can pasta, sausage, and a traditional Italian bread cake. And have a lot of fun doing it.

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