20 Reasons You Should Shop Small this Saturday

We’re offering 20% off of one item at either of our stores this Small Business Saturday. (During checkout, just show us that you like us on Facebook, and we’ll give you the discount.) In honor of that stellar deal, we thought we’d provide you with the value add of some stellar wisdom: 20 of the top reasons you should shop small this weekend.

  1. Shopping is fun. And fun is good for you.
  2. Shopping at small businesses is more fun than other types of shopping. More fun is even more good for you.
  3. We now have 2 locations for your fun-shopping pleasure: our flagship studio in Troy and our new boutique in downtown Birmingham.
  4. Since 1990, big businesses eliminated 4 million jobs, while small businesses added 8 million jobs. Don’t you want to be part of helping the happy side of this trend continue?
  5. There is a zebra mount who guards our Birmingham register. His name is Bafana Bafana, and he would like to see you.
  6. We’ve got a lot of Detroit pride, and so do you. When you shop with small, local businesses, the dollars you spend go back into the community we all love.
  7. You will need new placemats by Saturday. Someone is bound to spill red wine on your table linens this Thanksgiving.
  8. We have wonderful neighbors who also happen to be small businesses: Spire in Troy and Detroit GuitarOptik, and Tender (2 doors down) in Birmingham.  Which means that in fewer steps than it will take you to find the socks in 1 big box store, you can hit 5 amazing shops. Apologies to your fitbit.
  9. Winter is coming. We live in Michigan. Michigan is cold. You need a hat.
  10. Our Birmingham store is brand spanking new. Which means that you might be the first one of your friends to check it out. Bragging rights, baby.
  11. Since you are a human being, it’s worth noting that small businesses have a major leg up over the big boys when it comes to treating human beings like human beings. Let’s celebrate that!
  12. Small businesses create a sense of community. Shopping small just makes you feel good.
  13. There are a lot of ugly Christmas sweaters in your future. Now is a great time to get your bearings by resting your eyes on some truly gorgeous fashion.
  14. Small, local businesses infuse charm and character into your town. As a charming character yourself, we know you want more of this around you.
  15. If you want your holiday gifts to be unique, you need to shop at stores that aren’t on every corner – stores that are known for unique, standout merchandise. Small, local businesses are the answer.
  16. Books make you look smart. Coffee table books make you look smart and make your home look pretty. Clearly, you need more of them.
  17. The driving force behind our inventory is not mass-market efficiency, but rather a determination to curate incredible, valuable, and unique products for our customers. In other words, we’ve got much cooler stuff than the big boxes. #SorryNotSorry
  18. You can always use 1 more pair of shoes.
  19. The people at the Home & Garden Shop are super nice – and fun. For more on the value of fun, see item #1.
  20. Did we mention that we’re offering our Facebook friends 20% off one item at either of our stores?

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